Our Squad

We are a small team of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to serving you.

Cassandra Taylor

Founder and CEO

Army Veteran (Sergeant First Class): 1985-2015

Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom

Email me: Founder@topflightdefenseinc.org

Yolanda Owens

Board President

Army Veteran (Retired Master Sergeant): 1983 – 2019

Operation Iraqi Freedom/Enduring Freedom

Operation Inherent Resolve

Email me: Yolanda1@topflightdefenseinc.org

Cathy Clark

Marketing and Research Executive

Email me: Cathy@topflightdefenseinc.org

Michelle Dorsey

Executive Treasurer

Email me: Michelle@topflightdefenseinc.org

Symara Moses

Financial Initiative Program Coordinator

Email me: Symara@topflightdefenseinc.org

Shanan Kreft (Veteran)

Defense Program Coordinator

Email me: Shanan@topflightdefenseinc.org

Detrall Dearbone (Veteran)

Mental Health Program Coordinator

Email me: Detrall@topflightdefenseinc.org

Regina Lucas (Veteran)

Assistant Event Coordinator

Email me: Rlucas6204@gmail.com

Marquitta Martin

Event Planning Coordinator

Email me: Marquitta@topflightdefenseinc.org


Anne Shafer – ID


Email: bsseasee@outlook.com

Leslie Latimore-Lorfils – MD


Email: Llorlis@gmail.com

Charice Davis – NV


Email: Tocharice62@gmail.com

Annie Ferguson – FL

Navy Vet

Email: stlouisnavygirl@gmail.com

Sundance Miller – NE


Email: Sundance.n.miller@gmail.com

Kit Amidzich – WI


Email: kitdamidzich@gmail.com

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