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Thank you for visiting our website! On this page you will find classes that we have conducted since the inception of Top Flight Defense, Inc. Sit back and enjoy the videos and hopefully you can join us next time. And don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel and our Monthly Newsletter.

Class #1 For 2022 Social Security Administration

Class #2 For 2022 Love Your Healthy Heart

Class #3 Bereavement Planning

Class #4 For 2022 SSA Wounded Warrior Program

Top Flight Defense Inc 2020/2021 Classes

TFD: Ask Me Why I Served All White Gala

Class #3 Where Money Lives

Class #4 The Silent Killer

Class #5 Shine The Light Purple

Class #6 Generational Wealth Part 2

Class #7 ADHD

Class #8 Diabetes

Class #9 Breast Cancer Survivors

Class #10 SAD

Class #11 PTSD

What People Say

I am so proud to support Top Flight Defense. Cassandra has a way to inspire and encourage women veterans to use the valuable skills learned in service in order to reclaim the strength, power and confidence to soar into the next chapter of our lives post-service.

Kerri Jeter, Army Vet, Founder/Host, The Freedom Sisters Podcast

I was able to collect toiletries and coats for homeless women veterans and was connected with a shelter in my community to make an impact because of Top Flight Defense Inc.

Enid Blanton, Owner, Chicago Full Body Smokers and Ancestry Cigars


Top Flight Defense Inc. is a 501c(3) non-profit based in the Greater Chicago Area.

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